Publication Charges

IABCR runs on a Not-for-Profit Model and funds collected are reinvested to improve the quality and standards of the journal. Even though Journal does not get outside funding, quality of the journal is not compromised. Many people are involved and giving their best in order to make the journal on international standards. Some of them work honorary or on subsidized salary. Also, due to costs towards article processing, publishing, maintenance of article in secured data storage system, databases and other financial constraints, authors are required to pay a minimum fee. IABCR also makes a constant effort in collaborating with International universities and obtaining citations from various international citation agencies. Individual publication fee waiver requests are considered on the grounds of hardship on a case-by-case basis. Students and people from low socioeconomic countries are preferred in this regard.

IABCR doesn’t charge article submission and processing fee from the authors.

Article Publishing Charges are made if an article clears the review process and is ready for acceptance. The corresponding author will be suitably intimated about payment options.

These charges will be effective on all articles submitted after 1st April 2019.

IABCR charges Publication fee as follows:


Normal Review Service: 30 days between submission and first decision. 
Original / Review article: 150 USD / 600 QAR / 5250 INR
Case Report/ Letter to Editor/ Drug Updates: 120 USD / 450 QAR / 4250 INR
Express Review Service: 7 days between submission and first decision. 
Original / Review article: 250 USD / 950 QAR / 7650 INR
Case Report/ Letter to Editor/ Drug Updates: 150 USD / 600 QAR / 5000 INR

Authors can also request the editorial office to reduce the fee in Normal Review Service at the time of submission of article. Any queries related to the Processing charges waiver should be discussed before submission of the article. In later stage [After submission] we would not be able to wave processing charges.

Special Waiver Policy for Students and Low Socioeconomic Countries.

Authors are required to inform what Review Service he/she prefers at the time of manuscript submission. Express Review service is voluntary and final decision on the article acceptance is NOT dependent on the uptake of any paid service. 

Note: Authors requiring hard copy, kindly refer to subscription charges.

Note: Guidance for manuscript writing is also provided on request from the author.
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