Study of Morphometry of Clavicle – Length and Angles


  • Chhitij Anand Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, NCR institute of Medical Sciences,NH-235,Meerut-Hapur Road Author
  • Dyutimoy Datta , Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Asia Metropolitan University, Johor Bahru, Malaysia Author



clavicular fractures, morphometric values, bones


Background: The clavicle is a subcutaneous bone most frequently fractured at the junction of medial 2/3rd and lateral 1/3rd of its shaft. The knowledge about the morphometry of clavicle is important for surgeons as well as orthopaedics surgeons.

Methods: This study was over a period of one year. Total 54 dry clavicles were included in this study. This study was conducted in Departments of Anatomy, NCR Institute of Medical Sciences and Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia.

Results: The results revealed that, in males the average lateral angle of left side was more than the right side but not so in case of female where the right side was more than the left side. This difference was statistically significant in case of both males and females.

Conclusion: This study concludes that, the average length of the clavicle on the left side is more than the right side in both sexes. The morphometric values also may help the anthropologists as well as the forensic experts.


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