Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction (LVDD) Whether more in Hypertension or Diabetes Mellitus? An Echocardiographic Study

  • Navendra K Gupta Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Ananta Institute of Medical Science and Research Center, Rajsamand.
  • J K Chhaparwal Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Ananta Institute of Medical Science and Research Center, Rajsamand.
Keywords: Echocardiography, Diabetes, Left Ventricular dysfunction


Background: To assess the effect of Hypertension and Diabetes on Left Ventricular Diastolic Function. Methods: 2D Echocardiography was performed in 295 subjects. Subjects were divided into two groups – Group 1 having hypertension (HTN) and Group 2 having diabetes mellitus only (DM). Patients with cardiac illness like heart failure, myocardial infarction, arrhythmias were excluded from the study. The procedure was explained and consent was obtained from the patients. All the subjects underwent detail clinical examination. Height, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, lipid profile, ECG was done. Early peak Diastolic (E) and late peak diastolic (A) transmitral flow were recorded. E/A was calculated. Data are presented as Mean ± Standard Deviation for continuous variables and as proportions for categorical variables. The X test was used to test differences between proportion. Multiple linear regressions were performed to assess the independent association of hypertension and diabetes with Diastolic function parameters. Differences between Hypertension and Diabetes group were assessed by one way analysis of variance. (Performed using STATA). Results: Correlation of hypertension and diabetes with Diastolic function parameters. Diabetes subjects had significantly higher A wave (P<0.05) and lower E/A ratio. No significant differences were observed between hypertension and diabetes groups in any of the Diastolic function parameters. Conclusions: Prevalence of Diastolic dysfunction of any grade in both subjects were 58.2% (62.2in Hypertension and 54.3% in Diabetes).


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