Clinical Usefulness of Cancer Markers in Cancer

  • Deepak Arora Professor of Microbiology, Baba Farid University of Health Sciences
  • Parvinder Sandhu Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology Baba Farid University of Health sciences
  • Karuna Singh Assistant Professor, Dept. of Radiotheraphy, Baba Farid University of Health sciences.
  • Pooja Arora Senior Resident, Adesh institute of Dental Sciences.
  • Sarthak Grover 2ND PROF. MBBS, University College of Medical Sciences ,Delhi.
Keywords: Cancer, Histopathology, Tumour markers


Background: Objectives: Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells anywhere in a body these cells can infiltrate normal body tissues of body.  The definitive diagnosis of cancer being histo-pathological examination of tissue. The measurement of tumor markers is currently one of the most rapidly growing areas in laboratory medicine and is helpful in differential diagnosis of tumor type in metastatic deposits and also during follow-up evaluations.

Methods: Advanced Cancer Institute is a tertiary care cancer institute in Malwa region of Punjab, old cases with proven history and  in the advanced stage of disease, measurement of tumor markers in them is a very important tool for their evaluation of treatment outcome and in staging, emphasis of our study  is to highlight and  to encourage tumor marker assays for early diagnosis of cancer by checking baseline levels in  healthy and in  high risk population for screening for the presence of cancer.

Results: The Study was carried out Department of Microbiology, Total of 300 Blood Samples were checked in Automated Immune Analyzer (Biomeriux) with different panels of Tumor markers (PSA,AFP,CEA19.9,CA-125,CA15.3)Kits available in our Lab. of commonly diagnosed cancer.

Conclusion: Focus has to be directed towards identification and proper use of suitable tumor markers which may prove to be an invaluable tool to early detect the deadly disease in mankind and not to use markers only as a prognostic indicator in proven cases.


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