Posterior Tibial Artery Decompression for Neuropathic Plantar Ulcerations in Diabetic Foot

  • Jayant D Mohite Ex Professor, Department of General Surgery, Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai- 400 012. Currently, Visiting Professor in Surgical Anatomy and Neurosciences at International American University in Saint Lucia (West Indies).
  • Yatindra Kashid Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery, ESIC Medical College and Hospital, Faridabad, Haryana.
Keywords: Sensory–neuropathy, Non–healing ulcer, Posterior tibial nerve decompression.


Background: Posterior tibial artery (rather than nerve) decompression has shown good results in patients with neuropathic ulcers in leprosy. We carried this procedure in diabetics with sensory–neuropathic ulcers of foot.

Methods: Twenty–eight diabetic patients who had neuropathic plantar ulcerations underwent posterior tibial artery decompression under local anaesthesia.

Results: Complete healing of ulcers occurred in all except one by end of 3–6 weeks. No patient had worsening of ulcer, wound infection or local complications. Patients were happier with such day case surgery, which kept them ambulatory. Even though two patients had recurrence of ulcers they healed with further conservative treatment.

Conclusion: Posterior tibial artery decompression is a safe, simple procedure which can be done by any general surgeon at any set–up is highly recommended for sensory neuropathic ulcers.


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