Correlation of Anthropometric Measurements with the Serum Total Estradiol Level in Adult Males

  • Enam Ahmad Assitant Professor, Department of Physiology, Moti Lal Nehru Medical College, Prayagraj -211001, U.P.,India
  • Abid Ahsan MRA Medical College Ambedkar Nagar- 224227, U.P., India
  • Sonu Kumar Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi-110001, India
Keywords: BMI (body mass index), WHR (waist hip ratio), Obesity, serum estradiol (E2)


Background: In males, normal Estradiol (E2) levels are required for proper fertility, cardiovascular health and bone mass deposition etc. which changes with Age, Body weight, BMI and WHR. The present study was planned to study the serum total estradiol (E2) level according to body mass index and waist hip ratio in adult males

Methods: The present study was a cross sectional study, conducted on 89 adult males (aged 18-50 years). Anthropometric measurements of each subject were measured and BMI & WHR were calculated. Morning Venous blood sample was drawn between 8-11 A.M. from each subject and serum was separated. Serum Total estradiol was measured using ELISA.

Results: In non-obese “Group A” (BMI <25 kg/m2), Serum Total Estradiol was 18.9±7.71 pg/ml and in overweight and obese “Group B” (BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2) it was 52.83±29.23 pg/ml (p<0.05). In subjects with WHR < 0.9 “Group C” serum Total Estradiol was 17.58±7.87 pg//ml and whose WHR ≥ 0.9 “Group D” it was 48.55±28.69 pg/ml (p<0.05).Thus it was concluded that Serum Total Estradiol level significantly increased in “Group B” overweight and obese (BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2) and  in Group “D’ subjects, with Waist Hip Ratio ≥ 0.9 as compared to “Group A” non-obese (BMI <25 kg/m2) and subjects in Group “C” with Waist Hip Ratio < 0.9.

Conclusion: Therefore we can infer that serum total estradiol might increase significantly because of more body fat mass in overweight and obese subjects i.e. subjects who had increased body mass index and waist hip ratio.


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