An Observational Study on the Patients of Sailan Ur Rehm (Vaginal Discharge) According to Socio-Economic Status


  • Saman Anees P.G. Scholar department of Amraz e Niswan Wa Atfal, AKTTC, AMU, Aligarh Author



Sailan ur Rehm, Socioeconomic Status(SES)


Background and Objectives: Sailanur rehm refers (pathological vaginal discharge) refers to the disease entity in which there is flow of infected discharge from uterus.

Method: The study is an observational study performed in the Gynae OPD of AKTC, AMU, Aligarh. All the patients were randomly allocated according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. Prevalence of Sailanur rehm is seen among 45 patients according to the Socio-economic Status(SES).

ResultsIn the present study most of the patients 36(80%) belong to lower SES, while only 9 (20%) belongs to upper SES.

Interpretation and Conclusion: In the present study most of the patients 36(80%) belong to lower SES, while only 9 (20%) belongs to upper SES.


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