A Prospective Study on Migraine and its Psychiatric Co-Morbidity in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

  • Arun Jentilal Khatri Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS &RC, Rajsamand.
Keywords: MIGSEV & MIDAS grading, Migraine, OPD cases


Background: The mechanisms underlying migraine appear to be increasingly complicated. The term complex disease is used to define the nature of the illness. The wide heterogeneity of migraine accounts for the observation that a number of migraine sufferers include patients living an almost normal life and patients complaining of serious disability.

Methods: Total 120 OPD cases who have migraine were included in this study. The duration of study was over a period of one year. This study was conducted in Department of Psychiatry.

Results: In this study we were included total 120 OPD cases, who had complain of migraine. We identified the result according to MIGSEV & MIDAS grading.

Conclusions: This study concluded that prevalence of migraine is more common in females than males.





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Author Biography

Arun Jentilal Khatri , Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS &RC, Rajsamand.




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