A Retrospective Sonological Evaluation of Placental Thickness with Respect to the Gestational Age in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Rajsamand

  • Rahul Mangal Assistant Professor, Department of Radio diagnosis, AIMS & RC, Rajsamand.
  • Lalit Bhandari Associate Professor, Department of Radio diagnosis, AIMS & RC, Rajsamand.
Keywords: Placental thickness, Sonography, antenatal cases


Background: Placenta is a source of nutrition for the developing fetus. It can throw light on its health and growth status also. sonography provides the accurate determination of gestational age. It is the most useful information.  In estimating GA, growing evidences on the prediction of placental thickness are directing the obstetricians to measure PT as a routine in pregnant woman.

Methods: In our  study, we includes 200 normal antenatal subjects of gestational age ranging from 11 weeks to 40.This study conducted in the Department of Radiology.

Results: This result revealed that placental thickness increases with each week of gestation from 11.51mm at 11 weeks to 37.13mm at 40 weeks of gestational age as given in last.

Conclusions: It can be concluded that antenatal ultrasound examinations should include measurement of placental thickness, because it helps in quantifying intrauterine environmental adequacy and fetal well-being.




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Author Biography

Lalit Bhandari, Associate Professor, Department of Radio diagnosis, AIMS & RC, Rajsamand.




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