A Hospital Based Study on Functional and Radiological Outcome of Volar Barton’s Fracture treated with Volar T – Plate

  • Manish . Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, AIIMS &RC, Rajsamand.
  • Mohan Lal Vishnoi Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery, AIIMS &RC, Rajsamand.
Keywords: Barton’s fracture, Orthopedics, anatomical reduction


Background: Fractures may occur due to low energy or high energy injuries. High energy injuries are more frequent cause of volar Barton’s fracture.

Methods: 90 total number of cases were included in this study who attended the OPD. This study was conducted in Department of Orthopedics.

Results: In our study we were included total 90 cases of 0-60 age group. Mode of injury we were seen Fall on outstretched hand in 63 cases and Road traffic accident in rest cases. This study revealed that subject & functional result which were excellent in 18 & 27, good in 48 & 45 cases, fair in 15 & 6 cases, poor in 9& 12 cases respectively.

Conclusions: This study disclosed that maintaining anatomical reduction is key stone for satisfactory outcome. Best functional results were achieved till 6 months of treatment.



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Author Biography

Mohan Lal Vishnoi, Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery, AIIMS &RC, Rajsamand.




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