A Hospital Based Prospective Study on Acute Scrotum: Evaluation, Diagnosis, Intervention and Management

  • Mohan Lal Vishnoi Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery, AIIMS &RC, Rajsamand.
  • Manish . Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, AIIMS &RC, Rajsamand.
Keywords: epididymo orchitis, Conservative treatment, tunica vaginalis


Background: Generally, testis is partly covered by tunica vaginalis derived from procesus vaginalis in anterior part. If testis, epididymis and distal part of spermatic cord is covered by tunica–vaginalis, torsion of the testis may occur in this serosal space. The major differential diagnoses are acute epididymitis, strangulated hernia, hematocle, hydrocle, testis tumor and idiopathic scrotal edema

Methods: This prospective study was carried out among 100 male patients between the age group of 14 to 70 years. Around 100 cases were included in our study.

Results: We observed that swelling & pain seen in every cases while fever in 48 cases, burning micturition in 30 cases, abdominal pain in 16 cases & 12 cases of trauma. All the patients treated conservatively responded well with complete recovery.

Conclusions: Our study revealed that Conservative treatment in the form of rest, scrotal support, antibiotics and analgesics is effective in cases of epididymo orchitis and idiopathic scrotal edema.




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Author Biography

Manish ., Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, AIIMS &RC, Rajsamand.




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