Neuropathy in cases of Hypothyroidism as Confirmed by Motor Nerve Conduction Studies: A Prospective Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Neuropathy in cases of Hypothyroidism

  • Manoj Kumar Jain Assistant Professor, Dept. of General Medicine, Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur.
  • Gunjan Jain Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physiology, G.S. Medical College, Hapur.
Keywords: Hypothyroidism, Nerve Conduction Study, Neuropathy


Background: Thyroid hormone play important role in development of Central Nervous System and in myelination of neurons. Patients of hypothyroidism may suffer from peripheral nervous dysfunction. Aim of our study is to find out the neuropathy in hypothyroidism. Methods: This prospective study was conducted on 40 subjects, out of which n=20 were euthyroid control and n=20 were hypothyroid. The Study was performed in the Medicine department of Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur in collaboration with the department of Physiology at G.S. Medical College, Hapur. MNCV and latency of Median, Ulnar, and Common Peroneal nerve of both upper and lower limb were done in patients of Hypothyroidism and in Control subjects. Results: Significant bilateral decrease is observed in the MNCV of the Median Nerve in Hypothyroid subjects as compared to the control subjects. Also, there  is Significant  bilateral  increase  in the  Motor Latency of the Median Nerve in Hypothyroid subjects as compared to the control subjects. Conclusion: Hypothyroidism cause significant decrease in MNCV of Median Nerve as well as increase in Motor latency in Median Nerve.


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