Association of Eating Disorder and Body Image Concern Among Female Students 16- 21 year of Age in Government Home Economics College, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Saadia Shahzad Assist. Prof/ Community Medicine Dept. Shalamar Medical and Dental College, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Ayesha Iftikhar Government Home Economics College, Lahore
  • Fakhra Sultana Government Home Economics College, Lahore
  • Hafsa Batool Government Home Economics College, Lahore
  • Maryam Imran Government Home Economics College, Lahore
  • Rida Asif Government Home Economics College, Lahore
  • Sameen Azhar Government Home Economics College, Lahore
Keywords: eating disorder, behavioral problem, body image concern, young girls


Background: Eating disorders are more common in women, especially in teen age girls and young women are at greater risk as they are more preoccupied with their body shape and diet. Objectives: 1) To identify the presence of eating disorder risk among young females of 16-21 year of age 2) To determine association between eating disorder risk and body image concerns among females of 16- 21 year of age. Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study conducted among young female students; in a period of four months. Sample size was 1200 female students 16-21 year of age. Non- probability sampling technique was applied, and purposive sampling was done to recruit the study subjects. Data collection was done on two standard questionnaires: EAT 26 for eating disorder and Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ-8) for body image concerns. Data analysis plan was: descriptive statistics calculated, frequency trends noted for eating disorder, behavior problem, and body image concerns, Bivariate analysis applied to identify association between EAT 26 scores and body image concerns. Results: 58% of the students were found to be at risk of having eating disorder, whereas 42% were not. Behavioral problem was present in 72% of the respondents; whereas absent in 27%. Conclusion: Highly significant association (P-value 0.001) was found between eating disorder and body image concerns, in the study population.


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