Fracture of Distal 3rd of Femur Operated with using Rush-pin (Eiffel Tower Fixation)

  • Shiv Pal Singh Junior Specialist (Orthopaedic), S.K. Hospital, Sikar (Raj.)
Keywords: Fracture distal third femur : Rush-Pin


Background: The goal of this study is to determine functional outcome of Rush-pin fixation for fracture distal third of femur. Methods: 30 Patients of fracture of distal third of femur treated with Rush-pin fixation. Majority of patient belong to 21-40 yr age group (range 8-74 yr.). Out of 30 patient 22 were male and 8 were female. 70% got their injury in road traffic accident.

According to Donald classification based on radio-analysis out of 30 patients, 11 were type I, 13 were type II, 6 were type III, 5 were type IV & 5 were type V. All fracture fixed with Rush-Pin, intercondylar fracture fixed with cancellous screw.

Results: Majority of patients start full weight bearing at 4 to 5 months. Bursa formation

at ends of pin formed in one case. Non-union, delayed union were not found. Flexion more than 100° achieved in 76.6% cases. Two patient had restricted knee movement. 56.6% patients had excellent result, 26.6% had satisfactory result & 6.6% were failure.

Conclusions: Patient having transverse fracture of distal third of femur (Donald type II) had better result with rush pin fixation (Eiffel tower fixation) as compared to comminuted fracture or spiral or fracture with intercondylar extension.


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