A Comparative Study of End Results of Various Methods of Treatment of Fractures of Distal Radius

  • Yogesh Kumar Agarwal Medical Officer (Orthopaedics), RBM Hospital, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India.
Keywords: Fracture of distal end of radius, Function outcome, Objective outcome


Background: Distal end radius fractures are the commonest fractures occurring in upper extremity that account for 17% of all upper limb injuries. Many treatment methods for displaced distal radius fractures are available. The aim of this study to evaluate the fracture patterns of distal radius fractures & compare the results of different methods of treatment of fracture distal end radius.

Materials & Methods: This prospective study was conducted in RBM Hospital, Bharatpur, Rajasthan. A total of 50 patients with fractures of the distal end radius who attended the outpatient or emergency in our hospital were included in our study. Functional outcomes were assessed at final follow up visit using “Demerit point rating system” of Gartland & Werley.

Results: Our study showed that the mean age was 45.50 years with the youngest patient being 20 years old and the oldest being 70 years old. The mode of injury was fall in 30 cases (60%) and road traffic accidents in 20 cases (40%). The minimum duration of follow-up was 18 weeks and maximum of 54 weeks. Comparison of clinical and functional results by Chi square test showed significant associated with treatment types (P<0.05) in our study.

Conclusion: We concluded that the treatment choice should be based on the fracture type, the patient’s characteristics, the patient’s demands and last but not least on the treating surgeon’s experience and preference.


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