Vitamin D Estimation: A New Biomarker for Cardiovascular Disease

  • Umesh Kumar Pandey D.M. Cardiology Resident 3rd year Department of Medicine S.P.Medical College Bikaner Rajasthan.
  • Arpit Agarwal Associate Professor Department of Medicine S.P.Medical College Bikaner Rajasthan.
  • Rakesh Mehla Professor & Head Department of Cardiology Department of Medicine S.P.Medical College Bikaner Rajasthan.
  • Dinesh Choudhary Associate Professor Department of Medicine S.P.Medical College Bikaner Rajasthan.
  • Pintoo Nahta Professor & Head Department of Cardiology, S.P.Medical College Bikaner Rajasthan.
  • Devendra Agarwal Associate Professor, Department of Medicine S.P.Medical College Bikaner Rajasthan.
Keywords: Vitamin-d, coronary artery disease, cardiovascular, cholesterol.


Background: Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in the majority parts of the world. The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in India in urban area 9-11% and in rural area 3-6%. Coronary artery disease is worldwide health problem and consists of variety of heart illness. Vitamin D deficiency may cause cardiovascular events by a variety of potential biological mechanism.

Aims & Objectives: To evaluate the role of vitamin D as a rising risk factor for coronary artery disease.  Materials & Methods: The study was carried out in department of Cardiology, S.P. Medical College included 50 patients of coronary artery disease admitted in H.R.M. Center Bikaner. The control population comprise of age and sex matched 50 healthy persons. Vitamin D was done on ELISA reader and lipid profile assessment was done on fully automated analyzer. The statistical analysis was done by using SPSS software. The results were articulated as Mean ± SD. The Student t-test was carried out for relationship of the data & P value <0.05 was considered statistically significant.

Results: The study discovered that vitamin D level was established to be significantly lower in cases as compared to controls. We also noticed significant difference in mean to total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in between cases and control.

Conclusion: This study concluded that continue follow up of vitamin D will be helpful for measurement of increased risk of coronary artery disease episode beyond the traditional risk factors.


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