Proximal End of Femur: A Morphometric Study in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

  • Pravin Jayram Tayde Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, SMBT Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Dhamangao, Tal Igatpuri, Distt. Nashik, Maharashtra, India.
  • Suhasini Pravin Tayde Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anatomy; SMBT Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Dhamangao, Tal Igatpuri, Distt. Nashik, Maharashtra, India.
Keywords: Femoral Length, Vertical Diameter of Neck, Vertical Diameter of Head, Central Indian


Introduction: Femur bone can be used for anthropometric analysis in the cases of unidentified parts if available. As it is very difficult to identify sex by an individual bone. Therefore this study was done to calculate a range of anthropometric parameters of the proximal end of dried femora for sex determination.

Methods: The study was carried out on undamaged, dried, non-pathological350 dried femora of both sexes at Anatomy at SMBT Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Nashik. Total length of femur, vertical diameter of Neck, vertical diameter of Head measured through osteometric board and Vernier caliper.

Result: The outcome was statistically significant. All bones were found to be symmetrical.

Conclusion: P value of present study point towards symmetrical femora. Femoral length were next best sex discriminatory parameter after Vertical diameter of Head.


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