Evaluation of Patients Having Ovarian Cysts, Reporting in One Year: An Observational Study

  • Suresh Chand Garg Principal Specialist (Obstetrics & Gynecology), Zanana Hospital, R.B.M. Hospital, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India.
Keywords: History, Ovarian, Surgical


Background: : Since the natural history of simple ovarian cysts is not completely understood, the proper treatment of incidental simple cysts amongst the postmenopausal women has always been uncertain. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the subjects reporting to the hospital with ovarian cysts.

Materials & Methods: The present study was conducted in the prospective manner in the department of Obstetrics& Gynecology, Zanana Hospital, R.B.M. Hospital, Bharatpur, and Rajasthan. Subjects younger than 55 years of age with any other co morbidities were excluded from the study. A predesigned and pre-tested questionnaire was given to all the subjects.  Their frequency of visit to the gynecologist was also obtained. All the data was arranged in a tabulated form and analyzed using SPSS software. Results: The study enrolled 160 females with the mean age of 66.53+/- 5.22 years. There were 36.9 %(n=59) subjects between 55-60 years of age. There were 30 %(n=48) subjects between 61-66 years of age. About 90% (n=144) had no such history. History was not known to 1.9% subjects. There were majority of subjects (60%) who had never smoked.  Conclusion: In our study, there were majority of subjects between 55-60 years of age. The various aggressive surgical approaches for management of simple cyst have paved a way towards careful monitoring.



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