Local Injection of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma and Corticosteroid in Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis in Female Patients

  • Prashant Garhwal Junior Specialist, Department of Orthopaedics, SMS, Medical College, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Bimla Choudhary Medical Officer, Department of Gynecology, Govt. Janana Hospital, Sikar.
Keywords: Planter Fasciitis, Corticosteroids, Platelet rich plasma, AFOAS score, VAS Score


Background: Chronic plantar fasciitis is the commonest cause of foot complaints in India. The incidence of plantar fasciitis peaks in people between the ages of 40 to 60 years with no bias towards either sex. Numerous methods have been advocated for treating plantar fasciitis, including rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, night splints, foot orthosis, stretching protocols and extracorporeal shock wave therapy. The aim of this study to compared the functional outcome of Local Steroid and PRP in Plantar Fasciitis. Methods: A prospective randomized control trial done on 63 patients with complaint of plantar fasciitis coming to SMS Medical College & Hospitals, Jaipur, who were attain the inclusion criteria in the study. Patient coming to OPD were randomly allocated C.R. number. Patients with Odd C.R. number were given PRP and those with even number were given Steroids.  Patients were followed at 12 weeks and 24 weeks after the injection to look for the effect of PRP and corticosteroid. Then the results were obtained on mean VAS score and AOFAS score in both the groups. Results: The present study showed that the mean age was 40 years in group I and 39 years in group II. Maximum females were housewife (41.26%) in both groups. The difference of mean in between groups, VAS score & AOFAS was insignificant in first visit (P=0.8642 & P=0.3400) and statistical significant after 12 weeks (P<0.0001*** each) and 24 weeks (P<0.0001***each). Conclusions: We believe that PRP injection is safe and can be an excellent alternative to corticosteroid injection in plantar fasciitis, not responsive to conservative means. The findings of this preliminary study can be very relevant in clinical practice.


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