Role of Intraarticular Injection as Compared to Conventional Treatment in Frozen Shoulder


  • Alam M. S Assistant Department of Orthopaedics, Katihar Medical College, Katihar. Author
  • Sherwani MKA Department of Orthopaedics, JN Medical College, AMU, Aligarh Author



Frozen Shoulder, Intra-articular injection


Background: Frozen shoulder is a common painful condition of shoulders frequently encountered by most orthopaedic surgeons. Among various treatment protocols for frozen shoulder, definitive treatment is still uncertain.
Methods: this study was a randomised prospective clinical study on frozen shoulder on 147 patients which were divided into two groups Group 1: conventional treatment (NSAID) followed by physiotherapy. Group 2: Intraarticular corticosteroids injection followed by physiotherapy. Aim was to know in depth about frozen shoulder, to compare treatment modality (intraarticular corticosteroid injection with NSAIDs) to provide appropriate treatment to patients of frozen shoulder
Results: Most patients with adhesive capsulitis (95%) can be successfully treated with non-operative treatment programme. Intraarticular corticosteroid injections have excellent and faster recovery up to three months in all respect (ROM, pain, and SST) as compared to NSAIDs but overall recovery at 6 months or longer duration is comparable in both the groups
Conclusion: overall intra articular corticosteroid injection are better than NSAIDs. Intraarticular corticosteroid injection has excellent effect in stage 1


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