Role of Hormone Receptors- Estrogen receptor, Progesterone Receptor and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2/Neu (Her2/Neu) as a Prognostic and Therapeutic Tool in Breast Cancer

ER, PR and Her2/Neu as a Prognostic and Therapeutic Tool in Breast Cancer

  • Nivedita Dasgupta Silchar Medical College and Hospital
Keywords: Her-2/neu, Prognostic marker, SPSS, Breast carcinoma, Progesterone receptor.


Background: Breast carcinoma (BC) is the second most leading cancer which mostly occurs in younger age group. It is better to represent BC by the combined receptor expression pattern, as single receptor status alone will not help in treatment and management of tumor. This study aims to analyze the expression pattern of ER, PR and Her‑2/neu hormone receptors in BC patients for evaluating their clinicopathological correlation with other factors for BC development in the Southern Assam region of India.

Materials and Methods: 60 number of breast carcinoma cases were studied from December 2016 – November 2018. Immunohistochemical analysis of all the samples were done. Data including age, gender, tumor size, histological grade and type, lymph node status were collected from the Pathology Dept. All the data were entered and analyzed in SPSS Software. ANOVA analysis and Pearson correlation test was done for determining statistical significance. 

Result: The mean age was found to be 41.33 ± 9.63. The most common type of carcinoma was found to be Invasive Breast Carcinoma (Ductal), NOS Type. Grade-II was the most prevalent type followed by Grade-III and Grade-I. PR is statistically significant with age (p=0.001) and gender (p= 0.002). ER and PR are significantly positively correlated with each other (‘r’=0.323 and p=0.012) and Her2/neu was significantly negatively correlated with ER and PR expression (‘r’= -0.333, p=0.009 and ‘r’= - 0.274, p=0.034 respectively).

Conclusion: In this present study ER/PR expressions were found to be low, while Her-2/neu over-expression was higher. So, Her-2/neu, is an important predictive and prognostic marker at a very young age.

Keywords: Her-2/neu, Prognostic marker, SPSS, Breast carcinoma, Progesterone receptor.



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