Morphological and Morphometric Study of Nutrient Foramen of Tibia and its Clinical Implication in the South Rajasthan Region

  • Brijeshkumar R. Aghera Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan.
  • Sami Ahmed Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Pacific Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur
Keywords: Nutrient foramen, Nutrient artery


Background: Human body is made up of framework of variety of bones and make human body  Bone is core structure of the human skeleton and form the framework of the human. During embryological and fetal life arteries enter into long bone through nutrient foramen and entry into medullary cavity, which is, require for growth long bone. Various surgical procedures like fracture reduction, bone grafting and joint replacement require sufficient knowledge of nutrient foramen and nutrient artery.

Aim: The Aim of the present study is: (A) To identify the position, number & direction of diaphyseal nutrient foramina of Tibia. (B) To identify any variations in number, location and position of diaphyseal nutrient foramina of tibia. (c) calculate the foramina index by Hughes formula.

Materials and methods: Present study was conducted on 100-dried Human Tibia with unknown age and sex, which was taken from the anatomy department of Geetanjali medical college & Hospital Udaipur and Pacific medical college & hospital, Udaipur and marked number on it. Morphological and pathological abnormal bones excluded from study. Help of vernier caliper and fine gauge needle, we observed location and distance from proximal end, number and direction of nutrient foramen and calculate foramina index.

Results: In present study we found single foramen present in 80 bone, Double foramen present 18 bone and in 2 bone there was triple foramen at different level. According direction: In upward direction of foramen found in 1 bone, horizontal direction found in 3 bone and most of bone have downward direction. According location: In most of bone Nutrient foramen was situated on posterior surface except in four bones where it was situated on lateral surface and In 66 bone Nutrient foramen present in upper 1/3 of bone except 34 bone where it present in middle 1/3.

Conclusion: In present study we found, Nutrient foramen was located mostly on the posterior surface and direction was downward. Nutrient artery is very important for blood supply of long bones. Therefore, it is very important for surgeons to have sound knowledge of precise morphology and morphometric of nutrient foramen



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