A Prospective Tertiary Care Hospital Based Study on Prevalence of Anemia in Non-Dialysis Chronic Kidney Cases

  • Sangeeta Singh Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pathology, Krishna Mohan Medical College & Hospital, Mathura, U.P, India.
  • Pramod Solanki Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pathology, Krishna Mohan Medical College & Hospital, Mathura, U.P, India.
Keywords: Non-Dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease, GFR, Anemic


Background: A decrease in the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) shows chronic kidney disease (CKD). It may develop any structural or functional renal abnormalities.

Methods: 140 total number of cases were included. This study was conducted in the Department of Pathology in Krishna Mohan Medical College & Hospital, Mathura, U.P, India.

Result: The mean fasting blood sugar was 133.29 ± 12.63; the mean Post prandial blood sugar was 155.82 ± 12.56. The mean Hb1Ac were 6.16 ± 1.36 and serum creatinine was 3.76 ± 1.36 mg/dl. Finally, the mean hemoglobin for the whole sample was 10.74 ± 2.17 gm%.

Conclusion: This study concludes that in future one could carried out research on large sample size along with a matched control group, simultaneous assessment of other biochemical parameters, and burden of various other metabolic for better results.


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