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Advertisers interested in placing advertisements in www.iabcr.org, contact with us at- editor@iabcr.org

International Archives of BioMedical and Clinical Research (IABCR) editorial content and decisions are independent and will not be influenced by sponsorships or advertisements.

As a matter of policy, the IABCR will sell advertising space on its websites when the inclusion of advertising does not interfere with the mission or objectives of the IABCR or its publications.

We accept ads that appear in the right-hand column (Medium Ractangle), and at the bottom of the page (Leaderboard). These are not tagged or linked to any particular manuscript.

Advertisements are not allowed within or immediately following an article. No manuscript specific advertisements are accepted.

Advertising today requires a multi-channel presence, it’s good to know that no publisher offers more media options at a more cost-effective price than IABCR in print and its website, www.iabcr.org.

For medical marketers worldwide, there's no better assurance that your ad will be seen, read...and acted on.


The IABCR websites may contain advertisements of third parties. The inclusion of advertisements on the IABCR websites does not imply endorsement of the advertised products or services by IABCR. IABCR shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the presence of such advertisements on the IABCR websites. Further, IABCR shall not be responsible or liable for the statements or conduct of any third party advertisers appearing on the IABCR websites. You shall be solely responsible for any correspondence or transactions you have with any third party advertisers.

The appearance of advertising on the IABCR websites is neither a guarantee nor an endorsement by the IABCR of the product, service, or company or the claims made for the product in such advertising. The fact that an advertisement for a product, service, or company has appeared on the IABCR websites shall not be referred to in collateral advertising.
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