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October - December 2016
Volume: 2 | Issue: 4
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  • Role of Vitamin D and Metformine on Pancreatic Tissue in an Experimental Model of Type II Diabetes Mellitus
    Nashwa Mohamed el Tablawy, Heba Samy Shoukry, Laila Ahmed Rashed, Amal Elham Fares
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.2
  • Profile of Acyanotic Congenital Heart Defects
    Akash Gupta, Shaad Abqari, Tabassum Shahab, MU Rabbani, S Manazir Ali, Uzma Firdaus
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.3
  • Drug Prescribing Pattern in Ophthalmology Out Patient Department of a Medical College
    Md Faiz Akram, Shamsheer R P, Divya G Krishnan, G.J.K Prakash Raju, Anant T. Pawar
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.4
  • Causative Agents and Antimicrobial Sensitivity Pattern Among Patients of Urinary Tract Infection in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Western Uttar Pradesh
    Amit Kumar, Shivangna Singh, Vivek Gautam, AlkaYadav, Imran Zaheer, Praveen Agarwal, Priyamvada Sharma
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.5
  • Study of Liver Function Test in Perinatal Asphyxia at a Tertiary Care Center in Haryana
    Gurdeep Singh Dhanjal, Navita Kaur, Harnam Kaur
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.6
  • Study of Anaemia in Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Relation to Glycemic Control
    Karan Bhargav, Krishna Baruah, Pramod Kumar Agrawal, Faiyaz Alam, Shruti Sonal, Abhisek Kumar, Yogesh Dubey
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.7
  • Marker Assisted Molecular Investigation of Kappa-Casein Gene in Bos Indicus Sindhi Genetic Group Using HINFI Restriction Enzyme
    Iqbal Ahmed Memon, Muhammad Asif Raza, Waseem Ali Vistro, Muhammad Farooque Leghari, Abdul Waheed Nizamani, Najeebullah Lail, Tanzeela Farooq, Latif Ahmad
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.8
  • Study on Type of Stroke with Special Preference to Association of Modifiable Risk Factors in Kosi Zone
    Shruti Sonal, Atul Kumar, Pramod Kumar Agrawal, Y N Giri, Taskeen A Reza, Karan Bhargav, Saad Bin Saif
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.9
  • Efficacy of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Laparoscopy in Chronic Abdominal Pain - A Hospital Based Prospective Study
    Ram Nagina Sinha
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.10
  • Prevalence of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - A Prospective Study
    Praveen A Shinde
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.11
  • Diphtheria Resurgence – A Prospective Study in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
    Mohammad Ashraf, Sadia Ashraf, Ibrahim al Jabr
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.12
  • Evaluation of Some Mushrooms from Kashmir Valley for their Potential Anti-Cancer Activity
    Mir Rashid Ahmad, Imtiyaz Murtaza, Gulzar Bhat, Mohammad Ayub shah, Mir Javid Iqbal, Gazanfar Ahmad
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.13
  • A Prospective Study on Type 2 Diabetic Patients having Cutaneous Manifestations in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Rajsamand
    DC Sharma, JK Chhaparwal
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.14
  • Incidence of Intestinal Metaplasia and Dysplasia in Patients of Infectious and Non-infectious Chronic Gastritis- A Hospital Based Study in Varanasi
    Praveen A Shinde
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.15
  • Dentigerous Cyst – Its’ Prevalence and Presentation in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
    Mohammad Ashraf, Sadia Ashraf, Ibrahim al Jabr
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.16
  • A Prospective Study on Prevalence of Hepatitis B Viral Infection in Voluntary Blood Donors, Health Care Workers and Patients with Liver Disorders - A Hospital Based Study
    Pankaj Bansal, PM Parihar
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.17
  • Assessment of Effect of Atenolol and Enalapril on Trace Elements in Pre and Postmenopausal Women with Essential Hypertension
    Vaishali R. Das, Raj Kumar Das, Juilee D. Sawalakhe, Shailaja R. Raghatate
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.18
  • Rubella and CMV Antibodies Screening During Pregnancy - A Retrospective Study in a Tertiary Hospital
    Manju Kumari
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.19
  • Use of Bupivacaine with Additives Adenosine and Magnesium Sulphate for Upper Limb Surgeries: A Prospective Comparative Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Mandeep Goma
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.20

  • Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)-An Efficient Treatment for Warts: Two Case Reports.
    Saud M. Alsanad, Osama A. Alkhamees
    DOI: 10.21276/iabcr.2016.2.4.1
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