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Amblyopia and Arc with Central and Eccentric Fixation Before and After Surgery
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October - December 2017 | Vol 3 | Issue 4 | Page :

Kaiser Ali 1, Dhawal Agrawal 2*, Malhar Vyas 3, Azra Ali 4

1Associate Professor; 2Assistant Professor; 3Senior Resident, Dept. of Ophthalmology; 4Environment Health and Safety Consultant, KD Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Mathura.

How to cite this article: Ali K, Agrawal D, Vyas M, Ali A. Amblyopia and Arc with Central and Eccentric Fixation Before and After Surgery. Int Arch BioMed Clin Res. 2017;3(4):67-69.


Background: Adaptation may be defined as a process of advantageous variation and progressive modification whereby an organism becomes adjusted to the conditions of life in harmony with environment. A sensory adaptation to an ocular deviation is the process in which a patient adapts to an interruption in normal binocular vision. Methods: Cases of EXO and ESO deviation in various age groups and different sexes having central and eccentric fixation were taken. Out of 53 case, 28 were of ESO. Results: Of all the strabismic cases maximum number of cases reported in age group of 11-20 with male preponderance. Conclusions: Because of high sensitivity and very high specificity cuppers test would be the test of choice to find arc in patients with amblyopia.

Keywords: Amblyopia, Central fixation, Strabismus

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