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Otogenic Intracranial Complications - A Case Series
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April-June 2017 | Vol 3 | Issue 2 | Page : 32-36

Mohd Ashraf1, Abhishek Gupta2, Ibrahim Al Jabr3

1Associate Professor, Dept of ENT, Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Safedabad, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.
2Assistant Professor, Dept. of ENT, ASSPH & PGT College, Noida.
3Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, King Faisal University, KSA

How to cite this article: Ashraf M, Gupta A, Rind MI, Jabr IA. Otogenic Intracranial Complications - A Case Series. Int Arch BioMed Clin Res. 2017;3(2):32-36.DOI:10.21276/iabcr.2017.3.2.7


Background: Intracranial complications of otogenic origin is now a rarity. Advent of antibiotics are both blessings if used intelligently and curse if used indiscriminately especially by quacks. Antibiotic resistance and cross resistance have given adverse results. Methods: A total of twenty cases were studied in the Department of ENT at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh Results: Maximum number of cases belonged to 10 to 20 years age group, i.e eight cases (40%) followed by six cases (30%) in the age group greater than 30 years, four cases (20%) in 20 to 30 years age group, and 2 cases (10%) below 10 years. Males were affected more than females in the ratio of 4:1. The commonest presenting symptom was otorrhea, headache, fever and hearing loss. About half of the patients had vomiting, some had vertigo, otalgia and one patient had facial weakness. Conclusions: Almost all the intracranial complications encountered were intensively and meticulously treated by medical and surgical exercise which gave excellent results with collective team approach.

Keywords: CSOM, meningitis, abscess, antibiotics.

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